Friday, 16 November 2012

what is a Good Web Hosting Company

Knowing what is a good web hosting company is very important. This is because once you finish developing your website it will allow you to choose the best company to host it.Choosing a good hosting company for your site has been known not to be an easy task plus any wrong decision could easily end up wasting all you hard work.
Some of the key features of a good web hosting company include having:Customer services with a lot of support options e.g. chat, emails, phone calls as well as online documentation and forums with responses from the hosting company staff.Hosting plans that guarantee you at least 20% more disk space than you are currently using or intend to use. these should be subject to tradeoffs and affordable.Enough bandwidth to support those who will be viewing your site.Support for different types of programming services (including languages such as PHP and ASP) and database ability.Provision of services other than hosting e.g. domain names, fancy web analytic tools and options for content management.
A good hosting company like fatcow has great reviews  this is one that will offer you all the above for a price that is worthwhile